Welcome to the Silkie Coop in the beautiful Pudget Sound area of Washington State. Silkie bantam chickens come in a large variety of beautiful colors: White...Black...Gray...Buff Lavender...Cuckoo...Porcelain...Blue Paint...Partridge...Isabelle...Red and others. It’s difficult to choose just one...! Silkies have soft beautiful feathering, with crested and non crested heads, they can be bearded or non bearded, with 5 toes, blue ears and black skin. Silkies are much more docile then other chickens and have very friendly personalities. Silkie chickens make excellent pets! They make wonderful 4-H projects for your children and everyone is also looking for that perfect silkie for the Poultry Shows.   Silkies are great mother’s and make great broody hen’s for hatching out all kinds of poultry pheasants, quail and so on...! Silkies batams are small in size and it’s best to keep them with same size chickens for their own protection. The heavy feathering about the head an eye area make seeing  danger and preditors more difficult. Unless you have predator proof property, it is best not to free range silkies.  Always predator proof your shelters, barns, pens, or any area you keep your chickens. Silkie chickens need protection from the heat in summer with lots of shade, and in the winter they need protection from the rain. Please feel free to look about the website for more information on Silkie Chickens, Silkie Eggs, Roosters, Hens and Chicks...!
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Welcome to the SilkieCoop.com
    Thank You for Stopping by           The Silkie Coop...     We have several colors of     silkie eggs to choose from,                Paints                Lavender                Lavender Splits                Porcelain                Buffs, Whites & Blues   Our silkie chickens make excellent   Pets for kids... 4H Projects and   Poultry Shows...
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Without Roosters there would be No Cute Chicks...!