About Us                     Silkie Coop.Com The silkie coop is located in the beautiful Pudget Sound of Washington State.  We have lived in the area since 1991. My dad is retired Navy Chief and we have lived all over America. Long Beach California, Corpus Christi Texas, Bangor Washington, Virginia Beach Virginia, Silverdale and Port Orchard Washington. It seems a life time ago when we bought our first Silkie chickens in Bremerton Washington, they were blacks and whites and just so darn cute!  Then after roaming the internet looking for information on silkies, we discovered that there were bearded silkies with more fluff on the heads.  My mom decided that we should get those too!   And so we did!   There were so many colors to choose from and we decided to try and get some of each. So my mom started ordering from the Top Silkie Breeders across America. We became addicted to hatching out these baby silkies, because they are so cute and beautiful and you will too...! We then raised these beautiful silkie chicks into adults and switched out the roosters by colors and bred them to the same color hens from the different silkie breeders and those babies are the ones you see in all our pictures...! We are sorry but we do not ship baby chicks, but we do sell eggs. Once in awhile we will sell a few chicks and adult silkie roosters on craigs list.  We think all families  should have a few silkie chickens as pets!  They make wonderful 4-H projects for your children as well as pets and poultry show chickens.   They are easy to care for friendly, funny and alot of fun. Please visit our silkie chicken care page for more info...!    
Without Roosters there would be No Cute Chicks...!
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    Thank You for Stopping by           The Silkie Coop...     We have several colors of     silkie eggs to choose from,                Paints                Lavender                Lavender Splits                Porcelain                Buffs, Whites & Blues   Our silkie chickens make excellent   Pets for kids... 4H Projects and   Poultry Shows...
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Without Roosters there would be No Cute Chicks...!
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