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    Thank You for Stopping by           The Silkie Coop...     We have several colors of     silkie eggs to choose from,                Paints                Lavender                Lavender Splits                Porcelain                Buffs, Whites & Blues   Our silkie chickens make excellent   Pets for kids... 4H Projects and   Poultry Shows...
  Home of the Silkie Chickens, where the Roosters rule the roost...!
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Silkie Coop Customer’s Silkie Chicken Pictures
Misty of Port Orchard Wa....Blue Silkie chicks and adults
BestGirlEver1 from West Virginia .... Look what hatch out of the Paint eggs ... Marble Silkies?
Murry   Paint                                         Buff                                               Lavender Split
Without Roosters there would be No Cute Chicks...!
Customerís Picture Page