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The beautiful Silkie Roosters here at the Silkie Coop were hand raised from hatched eggs. Our Silkies are friendly, docile, with lots of personality...!  But as with any rooster, they do want to protect their homes, hens and chicks.   The roosters do a little dance, that makes you laugh, same as they do for mating but this is actually a warning that your in their territory!  They will then try to chest bump you, and they do...!  But all you need to do is pick them up and they will calm down.   The silkies really do enjoy your attention, but don’t care to much for being petted on the head.  I’m guessing that from what I’ve read, they do this because they don’t like other chickens near their head either, and that when a chicken gets to close, that’s when fights may break out! Silkie roosters that are raised together usually get along with each other,  though of coarse there still is the pecking order that chickens always do.   That is why we prefer to sell the roosters in two’s, they are use to each other, and it gives them company! Chickens get lonely when they don’t have a buddy...! We don’t normally sell our chickens, but sometimes we feel that more space is needed and we try to find them the very best homes.   If you raise or hatch chickens, you know that usually half of them will be roosters, it’s just the way it is.   Some cities don’t allow roosters,  so be sure and do your research on your city laws for poultry... All silkie chickens do best in a confined protected area, then to be free ranged. Silkies have alot of feathering about the eye area making it difficult for them to see danger approaching, from the ground or the sky.   There’s nothing more devestating than seeing your chicken taken away by a hawk, raccoon or other predators. Silkies should also be kept with same size bantam chickens.  Silkie are batams and are not near as big as other chickens...  For their safety keep them with batams. If you want to own any of the roosters pictured below,  please have a predator proof coop and area for them to roam.  We are hopeful to get owners who really want these roosters as pets, and will give them the love an attention they deserve, along with a clean coop, protection, and well balanced feeding with plenty of clean water. These pretty guys,  if well cared for will make wonderful 4-H projects for children. These silkie roosters are pets,  NOT FOOD...!  
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