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Silkie Coop Policies on Shipping and Hatching Eggs
Please do some research on hatching eggs if you have never bought or sold any. Hatching eggs are always a risk and sometimes recieve alot of rough handling. We cannot make any guarantee on hatching eggs... They are always a risk. We can’t be held responsible for things out of control and the possible rough handling the eggs may recieve during shipping and handling, be it by USPS or anyone else after we deliver them safetly to the post office. Please remember that the USPS doesn’t care how much you spent on the eggs, nor does it care about delays in their delivery process unless it’s over 10 days. They don’t care if the eggs get broken, shaken, or arrive to you with broken air sacs or scrambled.   They do however insure priority mail, so the best action you can take is to contact them and file an insurance claim. They may or may not cover the loss, but it’s worth a try...! If the box arrives crushed, beat up, wet, or falling apart, take a picture of it, and by all means give it back to the post office...!   Do not open it..! Please always consider picking up your eggs at the Post Office, give us your phone number to put on box, and the Post Office will call you as soon as they arrive.  It also saves your eggs from riding all over the city or town in cold or hot temperatures, and a bumpy ride. If you can’t get to the Post Office to pick up your eggs,  find a safe place to put the eggs to keep them out of harms way! Keep them away from: leaking roof on porch, raccoons, armadillos, opposum, rain, snow, hail, mud puddles, children playing, and so on. You can also leave a note for the postal delivery person, to not put your eggs in mail box upside down, or on it’s side!   We do out very best to make sure your silkie eggs are fertile and packaged properly to avoid breakage.  We buy and print up labels for our boxes, But not all USPS  workers follow the package instructions  or labels, Marked “Fragile” Breakable”, Don’t turn upside down, This way up!, and so on...  And we can’t make them do it...! Hatching eggs get scrambled, broken, air sac’s become detached, they can get over heated in hot weather, left out in all sorts of weather conditions, thrown around and left on docking area’s.  Some even say they think airplane pressure can damage them.  I don’t know! Most of our Postal Workers, DO take the time and carefully handle the eggs...! We try our best to get them to you safe and sound, But we just can’t guarantee your eggs.                HAPPY HATCHING EVERYONE...AND THE BEST OF LUCK...!                    Without ROOSTERS there would be No Cute CHICKS...!
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All pictures on this site are the property of
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Without Roosters there would be No Cute Chicks...!